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Hands-on Experiments for Your Backyard and Beyond

Hands-on experimenting with your kids just got WAY more fun.

Watch our videos and walk through our hands-on guides. Your young scientist will then lead the way in developing higher-order thinking skills and learning scientific processes!


Can you make a comet? Grades: 3-8 / Experiment Time: 45-60 minutes


Does backwash really happen? Grades: 2-6 / Experiment Time: 5-10 minutes


Can the acid in drinks really weaken your teeth? Grades: 4-6 / Time: 20-30 minutes/5 Days

How do you drop an egg without breaking it? Grades: 3-8 / Experiment Time: 30-60 minutes

How do you launch a rocket without using fuel? Grades: 3-6 / Experiment Time: 40-60 minutes

Is a bubble always round? Grades: 2-5 / Experiment Time: 30 minutes

What’s in an owl pellet? Grades: 4-7 / Experiment Time: 25-45 minutes

Can something be both a solid and a liquid? Grades: 2-6 / Experiment Time: 15-30 minutes

How fast does your brain send messages to your body? Grades: 3-5 / Experiment Time: 15-30 minutes

Can you cook a s’more without a fire or electricity? Grades: 3-6 / Experiment Time: 45-60 minutes

How does a soda geyser work? Grades: 3-6 / Experiment Time: 15-30 minutes